Wednesday, June 6, 2018

1 Tomasa del Real - Barre Con El Pelo
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Perreo is something I grew up being warned about and something that "good girls" did not do and Tomasa del Real is here to make music about being a women with the desire to perrear! She shouts out neoperreo, celebrating a movement to keep perreo alive and well. So naturally I like what she's creating for latinx music. The sexual agency behind her music is inspiring and makes me wanna follow suit and barre con el pelo as she instructs us to do.

2 Uniiqu3  - Like Me
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She touched my heart because on this track she lists places she's been to all over the world, but she says, "But if it wasn't for jersey then I wouldn't be shit." and this Jersey girl felt that. (Also listen to her As I Am by Jorga Smith remix with Ase Manuel!!!)

3 Ibeyi - Me Voy
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I feel like everything Ibeyi puts out is gold, and this track is ethereal, fun, and the melody's are a joy to sing a long to. Their afro-tropical sounds with tight harmonies just makes for pure ear candy. Do yourself the favor.

4 Lisseny - Bad to Buena
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Her debut single and it's bilingual, and she's letting everyone know in both languages que ella camina mejor sola que mal acompaƱada. This vibe and melody is infectious, and there's evidence on her IG she has the pipes to support so I'm excited to hear whats next from her.

5 Big Freedia - Rent
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"You don't pay no rent... all this time I spent... still don't pay no rent....." Please let them know!!!I love supporting the queen of New Orleans bounce music (her IG is just so lovable, but that's a different convo) I love the rocky funk going on and the back ground vocals of the chorus.

So please give the above a stream, a listen, a youtube search, etc. Support WOC in music.

Musically yours,

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