Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rest in Peace Christina Grimmie

What I had to share this morning in response to the Christina Grimmie news. There is a large issue at hand here and it breaks my heart that someone, a young woman with so much talent and heart for music had to lose her life because of violence that someone thought they had the right to commit. This is why we cannot let the small things, the microagressions and small acts of violence happen. This is why we must examine and critique our musical culture. This is why we must not turn away from acts of sexism because they are not solitary occurrences, but products of a culture that conveys the idea that violence is acceptable, that womxn creators aren’t capable of existing in a space where they can express and create music.
Completely saddened to hear of this and completely angered because this only reflects the larger toxic culture in which womxn musicians operate in. 
Originally posted on 11 jun 16 at 12pm

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