Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pioneer Divas - Highlighting Unsung Musician Influencers - Rose Marie McCoy

Recently, I was at an event where I was in a conversation with a professor. As I revealed my interests (you know, feminism, music, etc.) she suggested that I attend an event that her department was sponsoring. This event was a lecture and documentary on the life of Rose Marie McCoy, a song writer who was responsible for penning many of the hits of huge music stars, like Elvis Presley and Nat King Cole, among others. 
The lecturer and documentary maker, Arlene Corsano has spent a lot of time sharing McCoy’s life story with others. She also leads efforts to have McCoy inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall Of Fame. Thankfully, Corsano was able to establish a relationship with McCoy before her passing this January. 
The documentary discussed life as a woman in music, as a songwriter, musical appropriation, and other details about McCoy’s life. 
I was so happy to be introduced to her story because for too long women, and specifically WOC have been under represented and largely unrecognized for their work and the more we discuss this the faster we can change this pattern. So this post is to honor Rose Marie McCoy, and other women in music responsible for influencing our lives while going unnoticed. 
Musically yours,Priscysinger1
originally posted on 17 oct 15 at 3am

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