Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Live In Concert: Hozier

Ever since I came across the Irish crooner in a Teen Vogue article warning readers about the singer’s imminent success, I’ve enjoyed Hozier’s music. Soon enough, the world would become enthralled with his power ballad “Take Me To Church,” and it would end up rising the charts. That song was/is great, but I personally prefer other works likes “From Eden,” and “To Be Alone,” which were kept on repeat for a ridiculous amount of time.
So when concert dates we’re announced and I had the money, I bought myself a ticket to go see him as a birthday present to myself. My first concert as a 21-year-old, this concert had a certain air or maturity to it. Maybe it was because I drove myself into Manhattan for the first time or because couples surrounded me or another reason, eloquence resided throughout the evening.

Little Green Cars supported Hozier that evening. They charmed the audience with their tunes. I was especially impressed by the voice on the female vocalist, it rang strong and clear throughout the theatre. They had a delightfully vibrant and full sound. This was my first impression of them, and I enjoyed them and certainly suggest them if you’re looking for some mellow jams. 
Hozier seemed to leave no song unplayed; It was jam after jam, and he even delivered a three-song encore. As I mentioned previously, it was love at first listen with brighter tunes like “From Eden” and “Someone New,“ but it was his darker tunes, the ones that sit in the depths, like “It Will Come Back,” “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene,” and “To Be Alone” that sold me on him. To my delight, the concert rose and fell gracefully in mood. Hozier’s transitions were smooth, something I believe translates a true understanding and connection to his music. He had me on my feet swaying from song to song, something I personally didn’t expect to occur that night. Honestly though, one standard of measure I have for concerts is whether or not I can mentally zone in to the moment and just enjoy the music and energy well. That being said, Hozier did not disappoint. And in my final statement to share of the eventing, his on-stage company included a great amount of women musicians. As a supporter of women of music, of course that means a lot to see. 
The set list:
Like Real People Do
Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
From Eden
Jackie and Wilson
To Be Alone
Someone New
Blackbird (The Beatles cover)
It Will Come Back
In a Week
Arsonist’s Lullaby
Take Me To Church
Cherry Wine
Problem (Ariana Grande cover)
Work Song
I was cell phone-less so no photos from the concert, although I did take one of the stage for snapchat using my iPad. Of course I didn’t use it during the concert; I refused to be that person with an iPad at a concert.
Excuse the grainy quality. 

I did take a polaroid camera with me! I snapped two shots of the Radio City Music Hall signs and marquee as well as a shot from inside the theatre. Here’s an artsy array of those prints with my ticket. 

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