Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Adele has caught the attention of the public once again with her latest track “Hello.” I’ve admired Adele as a musician and vocalist for years now. (I’ve also admired her for her body positivity.)  Adele, without any doubt is an amazing musician; I can say that and I don’t think any one would disagree with me. When we think of Adele we associate her as this amazing musician and to think of her in any other frame is odd for us. 
One day I was reading an issue of Teen Vogue, and this issue had a story featuring different artists and musicians. Adele had her own page, a photo of her with the caption I’ve shared above. I ripped that page out and hung it on my inspiration board, and it’s still there because the quote she shared means so much to me. The most impactful part is this,
“Some people say, ‘I was born to do this’–I don’t think I’m like that…. My passion evolved.”
I think for the arts and for music especially, we have this notion that people are either born with talent or they are not. That single sentence meant so much to me, because I struggled with this concept for a long time. Instead of being told that many good musicians actually aren’t born just magically playing well, that it was something they worked on, I was told that I was not born with it and so my insecurity and frustration didn’t allow me to understand the idea of development as a musician. 
In a media environment where we marvel at child prodigies and glorify teen stars that are getting younger and younger, with this quote Adele really helped me understand that in fact there is beauty in pursuing something you have to develop and work for. The music industry is especially agist, so I’m always happy to give contrary ideas platform. I’m proud to say that Adele influences me in many aspects including musically, vocally, mentally, etc. And I’m so happy to see her continue in success. 
Musically yours,Priscysinger1
originally posted on 12 nov 15 at 1am

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